Lone Survivor

    Lone Survivor is an action adventure drama placed in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. This film starts with videos and pictures of military training. Showing the viewers what it takes to become part of the Navy, an amazing test of body and mind. After these videos and photos, we are introduced to our four main soldiers; Marcus Luttrell, played by Mark Wahlberg, Matt Axelson, played by Ben Foster, Danny Dietz, played by Emile Hirsch, and Mike Murphy, played by Taylor Kitsch.

    Lone Survivor is based on The New York Times Best Seller “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10” published June 12, 2007. This event originally occurred in 2005. To learn more about the book click Barns & Noble.

   This film hits home, showing how lucky we are to be living in America, and how sheltered and cut off from the rest of the world we can be. Throughout Lone Survivor the whole audience was silent, afraid to breathe and miss a single detail. As I looked around the theater, armrests were being held tightly, veins in necks pulsing.

The audience, myself included, could not be taken away from the screen. In Lone Survivor the character connections drew the viewers in closer and closer to the situations, deeper and deeper into the story. As the fighting went on, we hoped, prayed, and cried, knowing what was coming next, wishing we could change it. The emotional connections, and the overall feeling in the theater was astonishing. There were no cellphones or side conversations during this movie.

   The cinematography in Lone Survivor is amazing.

The different angles used made the viewers feel as if they were there. The audience would be seeing through the scope, standing down hill from a soldier watching as he takes position, sometimes seeing from the enemies point of view, and feeling as if they

were part of the conversations happening on screen.

At times the cinematography could be compared to a hummingbird. Fast always moving, but beautiful and perfect in all the right ways, making an even bigger impact on the viewers.

    As if the cinematography and emotional connection in this film wasn’t enough, the filming location in Mexico was breathtaking, making this film just about perfect. But there is one problem, the producers have stepped into a legal problem with the land. With a land dispute dating back to the mid-19th century, a man named Patrick Elwell has stepped forward to say that his property was used without authorization to shoot, but the producers paid $35,000 to use the land for filming. To learn more, visit The Hollywood Reporter.

    According to Rotten Tomatoes, Lone Survivor earned itself $93.9 million in the box office, and 6.6 out of 10 stars with the critics. With the audience, this film earned 4.3 out of 5 stars.

    “Berg reconstructs the gunfight brilliantly. Superb stunts, a dizzying use of handheld cameras, great editing and brilliant acting combine to make this the most intense war movie since Black Hawk Down.” said Andy Lea from The Daily Star.

“If I had to pick just one of the recent movies to be my favorite, I’d pick Lone Survivor,” said Mountain Home High School senior Chris Parkhill, “It deserves and award.”

    Lone Survivor is an astounding account of what happens outside of America that we should know about. This film shows blood without showing too much, just enough to get the point across. The mix of emotions, cinematography, location, and the fact that the film is based on true events makes it just about perfect. As I sat in the theater, I couldn’t help but cry, be stress and tense. This movie took my outlook, and put it into perspective. A movie like this, it’s hard not to talk about it all the time. Lone Survivor is a must see movie, if given the opportunity go see it, but be ready for some intense emotions. In my book, Lone Survivor earned itself 9 out of 10 stars. Make sure to stay through the credits, directly after the movie ends you will see pictures and videos of the four soldiers and more.


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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action adventure, drama, and mystery all in one. This film is placed in New York City and Moscow. This movie starts out with Jack, played by Chris Pine, witnessing the 9/11 terrorist attack while at college in London School of Economics. Devastated, he enlists in the army and the next time viewers see Jack, he’s in Afghanistan. After an attack he his rushed back to the U.S. and recruited to work for the CIA as an analyst in the Financial Intelligence Unit. When he discovers a Russian plot to throw the economy, he must switch from an analyst to a government spy. Other main stars include Keira Knightly as Cathy Muller, Kevin Costner as William Harper, Petter Andersson as Dimitri Lemkov, and Kenneth Branagh as Viktor Cherevin.

    This film was easy to follow, seeing the emotions Jack went through as the story progresses. From seeing him love Cathy, long time girlfriend and physical therapist. To seeing him panic, and let his instincts in the driver’s seat in life threatening situations. Such as when Jack arrives in Russia and is given his own personal bodyguard, named Embee Deng, played by Nonso Anozie. When Jack and Embee arrive at the hotel and into the room, Embee tries to kill Jack. This scene is a good example not only of good flow in the film, but also of the character development.

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has a good way of keeping you interested from trying to solve the mystery of what’s going to happen, who’s in control, to sitting by and watching the action play out in fight scenes, to hoping Jack and Cathy’s relationship will stay together with everything. Throughout the movie I was glued to my seat not wanting to miss a single clue that could help solve the mystery of how the movie was going to play out.

    According to Rotten Tomatoes, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit earned itself $30.5 million in the box office, and 5.7 out of 10 stars with the critics. With the audience this film scored 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    “But then something interesting (and pretty rare) happens: the movie finds its feet, and unrolls as a pretty suspenseful, largely engaging, and hardly ever too-over-the-top spy thriller.” said Glenn Kenny from Rogerebert.com.

    “Too much of the action in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit takes place on laptops, thumb drives, and video monitors.” said Steaven Rea from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action adventure drama and mystery all in one. Overall this film kept my attention, and had its intense moments. In my book Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit earned itself 6 out of 10 stars.

    “Maybe we should have recruited the audience,” said Chris Pine, “because all I see out there are shadows.” See more at MovieJuice!


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